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The postal authorities of St. Thomas and Prince have tried to cheat this company from the first day that the contract between us was instigated.
By registering our strongest complaints with the President, the corrupt officials responsible were prosecuted and given jail sentences - unfortunately suspended - and fined (see documents below).

The officials who took over were no better in their conduct. They have recently attempted to declare all the stamps produced under this contract illegal. This is despite the fact that they submitted all the stamps produced under this contract to the WNS system. This system is run by the UPU to ensure that any stamps produced are legal.

Do these halfwits think this company would have signed a two year contract to produce fake postage stamps?

They have shown themselves to be corrupt, ignorant imbeciles who are now engaged in the production of postage stamps with the world's main producer of illegal postage stamps, Stamperija (formerly Brussels Stamp Centre).

They have disseminated false information about this company and
its products and we are seeking $1,000,000 compensation
from the St. Thomas and Prince authorities.