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São Tomé e Príncipe


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São Tomé e Príncipe
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São Tomé e Príncipe

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Official letters to
Scott Catalogue (USA)
Michel Catalogue (Germany)
Yvert & Tellier (France) Stanley Gibbons (England))

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For your information

The contract between Marino Montero International and
the postal authority of St. Thomas and Prince ran from March 30th 2004 to March 30th 2006.

The contract entitled us to produce:-

60 sheetlets of 9 values
600 souvenir sheets
540 de luxe souvenir sheets
540 collective sheetlets

All the stamps produced by Marino Montero International are in accordance with the conditions of that contract, which can be examined in detail by clicking on the thumbnail image to the right. The contract is properly drawn up and signed by both parties and was never cancelled, for any reason, during its lifetime.

The stamps that have been produced under the terms of the contract have been submitted to the UPU's WNS system (see sample below and full details to right) and therefore registered as legal by the St. Thomas and Prince post office.

Any other information disseminated concerning the production of these stamps is false and we are pursuing
those responsible for the lies for damages.

The exclusion of the stamps produced under this contract
by any of the catalogues, after receiving official letters from the St. Thomas and Prince authorities, is considered a racist act intended to undermine and inhibit the ability of this
company to carry on its legitimate trading activities
and will be dealt with as such.

The stamps produced under this contract have been distributed according to market demand to maintain value unlike many producers who flood the market with illegal
or abusive stamps to the detriment of collector
and trade alike.